Science & Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

Most of these 110 clues meant to teach. Though many are easy for the amateur astronomer, some are challenging.


1 science of the universe

8 one of the solutions of a quadratic equation

9 light of longer wavelength than visible light

10 a space telescope

12 beryllium

13 lingo for an astronomical tool

16 a characteristic of Kuyper Belt objects

17 for example

18 a zodiac constellation

20 an element first discovered in the sun

21 planets discovered by the Kepler mission

23 a unit of mass in high energy physics

26 interstellar vehicle

30 is created by mixing the carrier signal with a local oscillator signal in a process called heterodyning

31 a safety organization that sets industry-wide standards on new products.

32 in atomic structure, what s, p, d, and f are called

33 location of the Haystack radio telescope

34 mathematical function describing the oscillation of both the electric and magnetic fields of light as it propagates

37 part of the designation for the brightest star in a constellation

39 part of the constellation Argo Navis

40 An element popular in LCD manufacturing; it has 49 electrons

41 the constellation Leo

43 a very long time

44 abbreviation for noon

45 poet who partially solved Olbers’ paradox (first proposed by Kepler)

46 large radio telescope network located mainly in the Netherlands

49 a magnitude 1.25 star that’s 1500 light years distant

51 an alkaline earth element used in special solar filters

52 a kind of light detector, especially for long wavelengths

55 an organization that studies the intersection between space exploration and humanity

56 for a convex lens, this is equal to twice the focal length

58 the rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust; its most stable isotope has a half-life of 8.1 hours

59 a type of quark

60 where fusion stops in stellar cores

61 microwave/radiowave transmitter

64 average or arithmetic mean

65 electronics components with a very high input impedance

67 prefix meaning within

68 the state with 8 professional observatories, including LIGO Hanford Observatory

69 that is

70 consequence of the ignition of fuel in the presence of an oxidant

71 an ancient time-telling instrument

74 in 1877, Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli mapped dark areas on Mars that he thought were_____ (French word)

76 though the neutrino was first postulated by Pauli, who was Italian physicist who put in on strong theoretical foundation

77 became director of Yerkes Observatory in 1932, and in the same year he organized McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis, Texas . In 1938, he established the presence of hydrogen in interstellar space

78 audiovisial equipment designator

79 an extraterrestrial alien

81 the ancient tribes of Israel emblazoned constellations of the zodiac on their standards, which were also called______

84 a spectactular comet with a massive nucleus

90 a type of fig which is delicious anytime; a good source of energy while watching the Perseid meteor showers

92 a word to describe a rogue comet

93 magnetic inclination

94 abbreviation for octadecyltrichlorosilane, which is used as thin insulating gates in metal-insulator-semiconductor field-effect transistors

95 related to Aries

96 pioneer in radioastronomy

98 another gastronomy: ____-Mex

99 this is blue at high noon because of Rayleigh scattering

100 a form of welding

101 a unit of pressure measurement


1 light gathering capability of a reflector or refractor  depends on this

2 designation of certain stars with erratic orbits around our black hole

3 an English unit of mass

4 abbreviation for a road

5 Location in France. Located on the summit of Mont Gros,  housed the world’s largest refractor in 1888

6 gold

7 unit of time

10 what you do upon a star

11 10^9 years or a preposition

12 whereby a blind physicist can “see” by touch

13 be quiet

14 man’s best friend

15 final test

17 a geological age

19 about 25 of these make up an inch

22 a favorite constellation in October

24 used to caliubrate a gamma spectrometer

25 a complex of radiotelescopes forming a single aperature telescope in New Mexico

26 one of NASA’s solar instruments working in the optical and UV wavelengths

27 a mount of sorts

28 a joint space agency project

29 a transcendental number

32 what an f/ stop corresponds to in photography

35  a lustrous, gray, ductile, paramagnetic metal used as an alloy in steel for gas pipelines

36 a form of power

38 an article

42 a gas, when inhaled, relaxes smooth muscle to dilate blood vessels, especially in the lungs

45 the equivalent to a division sign in statics, etc.

47 this is what supernova remnant SNR-87 has been doing since core collapse

48 a blackbird

50 an important organization whose purpose is “to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means”

53 a counterpart of NASA

54 medium necessary to support commerical aircraft in flight

57 related to 47 DOWN in that a supernova may produce this as a result of high energy excitation of the interstellar gas

58 the figure traced in the sky when photographs of the sun, taken at high noon year round, are spiced together

62 apossible  consequence of an inelastic collision

63 a nickname for one of the constellations depicting a female

65 an odd harmonic

66 before

68 when combined with the answer in 27 DOWN, after converting it to a participle, are the result of a plucked guitar string or a cavity resonance, whether sound or light

69 between Visbile light and microwaves

72 a celestial piece by Pink Floyd is called “___ and Them”

73 part of the acronym of the group that officially names chemicals: “__  __ of Pure and Apllied Chemistry”

74 a make-up word meaning bad to the core

75 a demarcation or horizon in a black hole that on one side of it we have freedom to move in space but time inexorably moves on, whole on the other things are reversed–we have freedone to go anytime in time but are inexorably stuck in space

80 an alpha emitter (found in state-of-the-art 20th century turntables to clean the dust of records as they play)

82 another preposition

83 instead of visible or infra red light, these stimulated emitters produce microwave beams

85 according to YouTube, The Best Space Pilot in Science Fiction is with ____ Kamal in The Expanse

86 organic compounds with carbob carbon double bounds

87 this gives copper its relience in cyclic stress, as in landing gear

88 a small handheld device equipped with a microprocessor that is used especially for storing and organizing personal information

89 a ____ of beer might be a celebratory drink after completing this puzzle


The solution to the puzzle is found here