2013 Rhysling Eligible Poems

The Lizard Wind (Curio Poetry, February 2012)
Moonweather (Curio Poetry, February 2012)
Blue (Nostrovia!, January 2012)
When the Moons Pull Together (Press53, January 2012)
There’s a Gold Twinkle in the Night (Eye To The Telescope, January 2012)
A Small House on the Beach (Rose Red Review, September 2012)
Pisces Dreamers (Rose Red Review, September 2012)
Where has the Spider Gone? (Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury Publishing), February 2012)
A Glass of Stella (Pirene’s Fountain, October 2012)
Enchanted Skies (200 New Mexico Poems, April 2012)
Inverted Flight (Poetry Pacific, November 2012)
The Mist (Rose Red Review, September 2012)
Lament (The Linnet’s Wings, March 2012)
End Stop (Farther Stars Than These, November 2012)


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