March 29_Red Radiation Diaries No. 3

Read the poems for March 29, 2014 by scrolling down to “Day 29/Poems 29” and then by alphabetical order by name to Red Radiation Diaries: Entry No. 3 / by John C. Mannone

Specific Backstory for “Entry No. 3: The New Caduceus on the RWP”

For those who might have forgotten, a caduceus is the common medical symbol: a couple of snakes counter-entwined on a pole. Another symbol that’s universally important is the magenta and yellow trefoil to warn of radioactive materials. The poem is a parody from the voice of a shift supervisor breaking in a new a crew getting ready to work in a high radiation area.

Though not a literal episode, it does reflect the mentality (in a good way) of work bosses trying to safe their crew into following those radiation work permits to the letter. It will keep them healthy.

See Day 27 for a general discussion on the chapbook.


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